Women’s Weight Loss Bundle

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Women’s Weight Loss Bundle
Help keep a toned body figure with our Women’s Weight Loss bundle


Women’s Weight Loss Bundle
Help keep a toned body figure with our Women’s Weight Loss bundle:

L-carnitine 500 Forte Plus
A combination of L-carnitine with L-arginine, L-ornithine and chromium.
L-Carnitine is an important compound for the conversion of fat into energy.
L-Arginine and L-Ornithine work together and have been used in studies to help with
body fat reduction.
Chromium is an essential trace mineral required for the regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels.

Therm Line Fast
A food supplement containing a carefully balanced composition of ingredients for women seeking fast reduction in body weight. The formulation helps to burn fat, accelerate metabolism, remove excess water from the body and reduce cellulite.
SINETROL® – a patented extract of citrus fruits and guarana which has several scientific studies proving positive results on body-fat reduction.
Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which enhances fat burning through heat production (thermogenesis). Cayenne also reduces appetite while contributing to the fight against cellulite.
Green tea increases metabolism and helps reduce fat storage.
Green coffee is added in the form of a high-quality extract standardised for chlorogenic acid which has a regulating effect on fat metabolism.     Nettle contributes to removal of water from the body along with unwanted metabolic bi-products.

Chitosan + chromium
A combination product with a dual action for keeping the body lean.
Chitosan is a component from the shells of crustaceans that binds to dietary fats in the digestive tract and reduces their uptake into the body. A useful ingredient when you know you will be eating fatty foods.
Chromium is an essential mineral trace element that is has many functions, including regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels. It has been used for weight loss and may help to reduce cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks.


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